Why Flame Centre

Our Purpose

We believe in creating great institutions that work for all.

We believe in the potential of individuals and possibilities of communities.

We believe learning makes dreams possible.

The Approach in Our Work

In all of our work, we help people:

Be Whole in their Spirit, Thinking and Actions

We are the instrument, things happen through us – our thoughts and actions. Wholeness in our spirits means more congruence. Wholeness in our thinking helps us to be creative. Wholeness in actions means we act with wisdom as informed by the context.

Engage in Conversations that Matter

If we don’t talk about it, how can we solve it? But honest conversations are rare. Truth and trust comes together. We teach people to engage in difficult but conversations that matter.

Learn, Apply and Learn

Learning is a process, not an event. Learn from a session. Apply it at work. Reflect on it to learn again. The cycle continues. We put equal emphasis on the learning session and what happens after that.

Build Partnerships

Deepening partnerships with our staff, colleagues, managers, clients, stakeholders means more alignment, resources, ideas, commitment and accountability to act.

Our Values


We want to be direct and honest with our clients, so that we can do good work together.


No one can do it alone, but together we can. We respect one another and collaborate as partners to create success.


We take pride in doing good work. This is an end in itself, because we want to be of service.


Everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about. Be kind to one another in our journey.

What about results? We believe that success and results are natural outcomes of the process – excellence and partnership oriented, authentic and compassionate.

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