Wholeness At Work

What happens when you are pulled in all directions?

Who misses out when you don’t show up at your potential? 

What is the antidote to fret, fragmentation and frenetic pace? 

This engaging keynote talks to a quest for more wholeness at work, so we act with wisdom for greater good. The twin forces of globalization and technology impact our lives and work dramatically, leading to fragmentation in our attention, achievement and authenticity.

To keep up with an increasing frenetic pace, we try to do more, run faster and be more efficient, leading to a thinning of what truly matters – our health, relationships and sense of meaning. Wholeness is an antidote to this fragmentation.

Wholeness in our being, thinking and actions connects us to the core of who we are and our wisdom, so we achieve individual and collective well being. This presentation brings together Eastern philosophy and Western thought to help you do that.

Be, Think and Act Whole to Do Our Best Work

This keynote is structured around the ABCs of Wholeness At Work:

  • Anchor: Know our core
  • Being: Connect to the who and what now
  • Cognition: Think holistically

Quotes from Wholeness at Work

“Wisdom is whole, not East or West, but East and West”

Tree and rootsAnchor
“The roots of a tree anchor it and hold it steady despite strong winds. Similarly our anchor keeps us steady despite life’s tribulations.”

“Empty ourselves to access three As: Awareness of what the situation calls for, Acceptance with non-judgement and Action with wisdom.”


“Balancing is not a 50:50 compromise. It’s 100:100 over time.”

“The antidote to exhaustion is wholeheartedness” – David Whyte

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